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The Power of Play’s programs are all custom built to meet the needs of our clients.

Corporate Team Training

The Power of Play® Coring: Consists of one 1-hour interview per trainee to generate trust, rapport and “buy-in” from participants and three 2-hour weekly sessions within a one-month period. Ten participants maximum per training. This training is designed to:

  • Build a deeper sense of team camaraderie among all levels of staff
  • Increase confidence
  • Discover the power of finding agreement
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase creativity and problem solving abilities
  • Increase one’s ability to respond spontaneously and effectively to the unexpected
  • Reconnection to personal inspiration and values – “Playing with a Purpose”

Auditions: The Power of Play® interviews the team members in order to assess and track the strengths and weaknesses of your corporate culture. Following the interviews an evaluation is presented to the team leader, which includes the findings of the interview and recommended next steps.

The Power of Play® Coring Redux: Stand-alone 2-hour experiential review of The Power of Play principles and techniques along with additional games and exercises. Maximum of twenty players per tune-up. This provides greater opportunities for varied staff to interact and bond, while keeping their humor and creativity skills sharp. *Only offered after participating in The Power of Play® Coring Program.

On-site Corporate Team Spirit and Development Training: We custom design and deliver training to fit your needs based on in-depth interviews with relevant managers along with on-site observations.

Power Lunch & Learn: A tasty array of entertaining information, scientific research and short experiential exercises. Satisfies initial curiosity, and offers an overview that provides a sampling of tools to integrate into life and work routine, and whets the appetite to keep playing with the concepts explored in The Power Of Play®.

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Corporate Team Events

Ignite: Entertaining interactive speeches exploring creativity, dealing with uncertainty and the power of Adaptive Applied Improvisation. We explore the Neuroscience of Fun, Creative Relief Strategies and how Deep Play can lead to Spontaneous Wisdom.

The Power of Play® Weekend: Weekend retreats are available to recharge creative batteries, deepen personal connections and discover new insights and possibilities.

Theatrical Acknowledgement Extravaganzas: We will produce staff-wide events at a theater or other venue with professional talent, as well as a special acknowledgment to staff. Qualified talent within the staff will also be featured in these shows.

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