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play Is The most visceral language of learning

It’s a universal truth: the more we know about ourselves and our closest relationships, the more we prosper both individually and collectively. The question is, how to best gain this vital insight.

At our nationally recognized company, we have discovered – and proven – that it is through The Power of Play®. Methodical, planned, goal-driven play.

This is the process and the mission of The Power Of Play®.

Put simply, we guide companies, business divisions and governmental entities as well as healthcare institutions, medical staff and their patients through a process of discovery that is fun, challenging, thought provoking, engaging, absorbing, entertaining and educational: all designed to create breakthroughs in insights that lead to better understanding, collaboration, mutual respect, as well as an increase in effectiveness and productivity. And to have a blast in the process.

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At The Power of Play®, we ignite a unique form of immersion in creative challenges that deliver an engaging and disarming approach to elevating individual and enterprise performance. Think of it as a kind of “theater” where everyone participates in a four–part voyage of discovery:

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The Power of Play
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